Segway is the best way

We have done Segway tours in various locations and on different terrains (off-road, country park, busy city with traffic) so we felt confident and excited. Nick was so helpful from the get-go and helped us with parking as we’d driven to the hotel lobby meeting place. He seemed to get out measure quickly, which is something I find important when doing activities like this as otherwise tours and Segway driving can become stilted and boring. Not so with Nick! He gave us information about the various sites we visited, interspersed with jokes and chat… We stopped off for drinks and learned LOTS about Dubrovnik for the people and politics; an insight we would never otherwise have gained.
On the hidden bags tour the landscape and terrain were varied but always stunning. We got to see beaches, promenades, clubs, bars, restaurants, beaches, coves and plenty of locals.
Nicks attitude and style of touring was wonderful; laid back, informative and great fun. Having dont several tours, with many different guides, he was a breath of fresh air, and we left smiling and with yet another unforgettable activity crossed off the bucket list! Well worth it.

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